Information & Rules

Information & Rules – Table of contents

  1. Ladder Events
  2. The Ladder
  3. Seasons
  4. Achievements / Kudos
  5. Contact possibilities

1. How do Ladder events work?

General Information:

  • Frequency: Ladder events will not take place on a regular basis. See the events page to find out how you can find oncoming races.
  • Number of races: Each event have exactly 10 races.
  • Cars/Classes: Same car for everyone! Either Random Cars, or Exclusive Cars. For Random Cars the car-pool includes all cars from the Plus Pack. If the event title has a “Stock” in the name, only Re-Volt Stock cars are in the pool, but no Custom or Dreamcast cars. If it’s an Exclusive Cars event, one specific car (as listed in the event name) will be driven. Visit this site for a complete list of cars.
  • Tracks: Only stock tracks and tracks from the Plus Pack will be chosen randomly. Visit this site for a complete list of these tracks. R/M/RM versions will also be driven! (Maximum one of each type per event.) All exceptions will be stated in the schedule.
  • Point system: For the event results, players’ ranks are calculated by their average points. For each race, the players get points according to the following system:
    • Place 1: 12 Points
    • Place 2: 11 Points
    • Place 3: 10 Points
    • Place 4: 9 Points
    • Place 5: 8 Points
    • Place 6: 7 Points
    • Place 7: 6 Points
    • Place 8: 5 Points
    • Place 9: 4 Points
    • Place 10: 3 Points
    • Place 11: 2 Points
    • Place 12: 1 Point
  • Ranking: For players to be qualified for ranking, they have to finish on a minimum of 5 consecutive races, otherwise they will only be listed at the event results and will not get any average points or Kudos. At least 8 players have to be in the events results to get the event counted for the Ladder. If this limit won’t be reached, the event will be skipped and also not listed in the Past Results section.

Session settings:

  • Connection type: P2P
  • Number of players: 12
  • Laps: 4
  • Mode: Arcade
  • Pick-ups: Off
  • Auto-kick: On

Disconnection rules:

  • No race restarts will be done.
  • Players disconnected during races are asked to wait for a free slot if there’s none at the time.
  • If more than half of the players experience disconnection during a race, the race will be done again.

Handling of P2P-issues:

  • A player may not see other players driving or be seen by other players due to an issue with peer-to-peer. The host will then try to solve this by asking affected players to reconnect the lobby. Please follow instructions.


  • No chatting during the race!
  • After finishing a race, please limit all chatting to a gr until all players have finished.
  • Avoid pushing/ramming others by full force, but remember that it cannot be judged properly and may also be caused by lag. Play fair!
  • If you are behind for one or more laps, be careful with racers who are going to overlap you. Slow down and let them pass without interfering them. Again: Play fair!
  • Be nice to other players in both chat and voice chat.


2. Tell me more about the Ladder!

  • The Ladder won’t be resetted – forever.
  • Every events result will be added to the Ladder after the event.
  • The ranking will be done per average points.
  • Statistics (attended events, races won,…) are always up-to-date.
  • Players which attended less then three event and didn’t attended for more then 10 events, will be marked as “inactive” and will be ranked at the very end of the Ladder. If the player joins another event later on, he will be activated and ranked again.

3. What is a Season?

  • Seasons take place at a not regular schedule.
  • One season contains exactly 10 events.
  • At the end of a season, there will be final season results.
  • A players final season rank only counts, when he attended at least 5 events from the ongoing season.
  • Players can gain a lot of Extra-Kudos, by attending a season.
  • When a new season begins, the old season results will be archieved and a new (empty) season table will be generated.


4. Achievements/ Kudos 

General information:

  • Several achievements can be gained. See the list below.
  • You will earn Kudos for every achievement. Your total amount of Kudos can be seen in the Ladder.
  • Kudos can be easily recognised by the  symbol in the event results or in the Ladder.
  • Kudos from an event will be transfered to your total Kudos at the end of every event.
  • Kudos from a season will be transfered to your total Kudos at the end of the season.
  • Special Kudos will be transfered to your total Kudos as soon you have gained them.

Kudos ranks:

  • If you reach a defined amount of Kudos, you will climb up the Kudos rank. Everyone starts with rank . The next ranks to reach are , , , and .
  • You can see your current rank in the Ladder, right before your name.

List of Kudos ranks:

  • Starting Rank
  • Reach 50
  • Reach 500
  • Reach 2.000
  • Reach 10.000
  • Reach 50.000

List of achievements:

Event Achievements
JoinerJoin an event, and complete at least five races in a row5
Joiner PlusComplete all 10 races from a Ladder event5
Event 1st PlaceReach overall place 1 in a Ladder event10
Event 2nd PlaceReach overall place 2 in a Ladder event5
Event 3rd PlaceReach overall place 3 in a Ladder event3
Event 4th PlaceReach overall place 4 in a Ladder event2
Event 5th PlaceReach overall place 5 in a Ladder event1
Winner!Win a Ladder race5
Podium!Get place 2 or 3 in a Ladder race2
Anti-LooserManage to get not last in any of the events races2
Inconstant, but Faaast!Drive the fastest lap, but don't be on the podium of a Ladder race5
Faster than lightDrive the fastest laps in all 10 races from a Ladder event50
Beat the MasterBeat the event-winner in one race and don't be on event podium yourself5
Hattrick!Win three races in a row at a Ladder event20
Event ø 11,0Reach an average of 11,0 or more in a Ladder event50
Event ø 12,0Win all races in a Ladder event100
Season Achievements
Season AttenderGet a place in the final Season ranking100
Season FanAttend all 10 events from a Season200
Season FreakAttend all 100 races from a Season500
Season 1st PlaceReach place one in a Season100
Season 2nd PlaceReach place two in a Season80
Season 3rd PlaceReach place three in a Season50
Season 4th PlaceReach place four in a Season20
Season 5th PlaceReach place five in a Season10
Season ø 10,5Reach an average of 10,5 or more in a Season500
Season ø 11,5Reach an average of 11,5 or more in a Season1.000
Special Achievements
FanReach 100 Ladder races200
Super FanReach 500 Ladder races1.000
Ultra FanReach 1000 Ladder races2.000
GrandpaReach 5000 Ladder races20.000
WinnerWin a total of 10 Ladder races100
Super WinnerWin a total of 50 Ladder races500
Ultra WinnerWin a total of 100 Ladder races1.000
AlienWin a total of 500 Ladder races10.000
Duke of the PodiumBe on the podium 100 times100
King of the PodiumBe on the podium 1000 times1.000
Season EnthuasistGet a rank in 3 Seasons in a row1.000
Season FreakGet a rank in 10 Seasons in a row5.000
Season HattrickWin 3 Seasons in a row5.000

5. Contact possibilities

~~~ Special Thanks to Instant. ~~~

Have fun at the Ladder events. Long life Re-Volt! 🙂